OITA Airport * OITA Airport Area * JR Kitsuki Station Area Cheapest Rent a Car! * Free transportation from / to OITA Airport and JR Kitsuki Station!
OITA Airport * OITA Airport Area * JR Kitsuki Station Area Cheapest Rent a Car! * Free transportation from / to OITA Airport and JR Kitsuki Station!
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OITA Airport Area レンタカー

Reservation from here

Reservation from here
Please kindly note that discounts do not apply to reservations from Taketatsu port

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All passenger vehicles are equipped with ETC card readers and Navigation systems

In case of the current or the next day reservations, please kindly recheck car availability with our Main Office Rent a Car branch by the Toll Free number 0120-038-778


Kei Class

OITA Airport Area レンタカー Kei Class MIRA LIFE VAGON R Reservation
Regular:24h:5100 Yen

48h:9600 Yen
Member:24h:4080 Yen

48h:7680 Yen


OITA Airport Area レンタカー Compact VITZ FIT Reservation
Regular:24h:5700 Yen

48h:10600 Yen
Member:24h:4560 Yen

48h:8480 Yen

Corolla 1500ccc

Corolla 1500ccc Reservation
Regular24h:7700 Yen

48h:14900 Yen
Member:24h:6160 Yen

48h:11920 Yen
Aqua (Hybrid Compact Car) Reservation



Regular:24h:7700 Yen

48h:14900 Yen
Member:24h:6160 Yen

48h:11920 Yen


PRIUS Reservation
Regular:24h:9200 Yen

48h:16900 Yen
Member:24h:7360 Yen

48h:13520 Yen

8 Seater Van

BOXY Reservation
Regular:24h:12700 Yen

48h:21000 Yen
Member:24h:10160 Yen

48h:16800 Yen

10 Seater Van

OITA Airport Area レンタカー 10 Seater Van Hiace Reservation
Regular:24h:21000 Yen

48h:35800 Yen
Member:24h:16800 Yen

48h:28640 Yen

Free transportation from / to OITA Airport and JR Kitsuki Station!

Free transportation from / to OITA Airport and JR Kitsuki Station!

Number of luggage items not limited
Insurance covering up to 30 Million Yen per person
Insurance charge is already included in the price (excluding freight vehicles)

Perfect for leisure or travel in the OITA Airport Area!

Point 1All vehicles are only 1-3 years old.
Point 2Full insurance! This is more than average Rent a Car company is offering!
Point 3All cars feature free ETC reader and Automotive Navigation System.
Child and Junior seats are offered as options.
Point 4OITA Airport branch only 2-3 minutes away from from the Airport (free pickup!).
Point 5Only 5 minutes from JR Kitsuki station (free pickup!).
Point 6We can pick You up in Hiji, Kitsuki, Kunisaki and OITA Airport areas.
Point 7Perfect way to explore the Kunisaki Peninsula!

Usage Information

* International Drivers License is needed.
* Payment beforehand. Extra usage to be paid upon returning the vehicle
(Please contact us beforehand if you cannot return on time - penalties might occur).
* Please fill the gasoline tank fully before returning.
* Internet reservation confirmations might get delayed during Sundays or Holidays.
* Working hours are 7:00-18:00. Main Office is open until 19:00.
* Payment by Credit Card is preferred.

Rent a Car Q & A

Q: What documents are necessary in order to rent a car?
A: International Drivers License and Credit Card. Also, we expect payment in advance.

Q: Do you provide ETC and Automotive Navigation System?
A: All our vehicles (except for trucks) are equiped with ETC readers and Automotive Nagivation Systems. Please kindly note that we do not privide ETC cards.

Q: How much it will cost me if I will have a traffic accident?
A: Our prices already include the insurance charge, but You might have to pay up to 150,000 yen for the damage to the car.

Q: Can I ride a car directly from OITA Airport or JR Kitsuki station?
A: Our OITA Airport branch is located around 5 minutes away from OITA Airport and JR Kitsuki station around 3 minutes away from the Branch near the JR Kitsuki station. We provide free pickup service!

Q: What Rent a Car options are available?
A: Child Seat (1080 Yen for three days), Junior Seat (540 Yen for three days) and Tire Chains (1620 Yen for "buy it if you use it" usage)

Q: Are there any discounts if case of longer term usage?
We provide considerable discount in case of monthly or yearly usage. Please contact us for details.

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